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Artist. Writer. Suffragist. Champion of Free Speech. Advocate for Honesty in Sex Education. Meet Mary Ware Dennett (1872-1947)


Join Sharon in an engaging discussion with historian Dr. Helen Frink about the amazing legacy and lasting impact of the incredible Mary Ware Dennett.


The original event took place: October 27, 2020

I married into Dennett's family and she quickly became part of mine. It began by reading her most private letters that had been stored in steamer trunks.

In 1929 in a landmark trial, Mary Ware Dennett's sex-education pamphlet for teens was declared "obscene" by the U.S. government.

As a child, Mary had one ambition: make the world a better place through her artwork. See some examples of what she created.

At Joanna Dennett's house, sorting her library and vast collection of books that belonged to her grandmother, Mary Ware Dennett.


Sharon Spaulding discovered the hidden story of Mary Ware Dennett, suffragist, sex ed, and reproductive rights activist, after she married Dennett's great-grandson. Last year, Time magazine included Dennett as one of the most important women in American history.

Sharon has spent ten years researching first-wave feminism, the battle for reproductive rights, and Mary’s life in the context of politics and social mores from 1914–1947. She received a grant from Radcliffe College’s Schlesinger Library to support her research and the creation of a manuscript. Her journalism has appeared in New Hampshire Magazine, BOLD and Utah Stories. She lives near Salt Lake City with her family and two dogs.

Sharon is available to speak on the forgotten stories of remarkable women and the history of the suffrage and reproductive rights movements of the early 20th century. Contact her at: Sharon@SharonSpaulding.com.


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